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Khei's Crappy Live Journal
A peek into the life of a tortured artist.. really she is!
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25th-Mar-2013 07:43 pm - Oh for fuck's sake..
As if March couldn't POSSIBLY throw any more shit at me, Today I discovered a patch of fucking Shingles on my arm..

I don't have time to deal with this shit.

and the itchiness.. MY GOD IT ITCHES!! Words cannot describe how difficult it is to refrain from itching it! 'cause, of course, itching it makes it BURN.

*Goes postal*

How the fuck do you keep from itching at this shit!?
21st-Mar-2013 08:04 pm - ADSKADK:LASJKLA!!!
I have been poked, prodded, and violated all day long today but our Immigration Medical Exams are complete. 12 fucking hours of driving and trying to find my way across Phoenix.. I'm tired and in pain....

I need a hug..
20th-Mar-2013 12:47 am - Khei's Geekery Continues..
I dunno how but I am totally getting one of these!


I WILL find a way.. if I have to tuck cash away now and then till September I will. I don't care how but I am snagging one!

I also think I need a new copy of U3 cause the GotY edition I have is buggy as hell and I haven't even tried Multiplayer yet..
15th-Mar-2013 04:44 pm - B-day well wishing...
Keeping with my new mojo, I'm posting this journal to offer Happy Birthday Well Wishes to the person I know who's B-day is today.

We were friends at one time and that counts for something in my new book.

Be well Sei.

~ Khei
31st-Jan-2013 01:12 am - More Uncharted Geekery
So far Uncharted 2's "Train level(s)" (Chapters 13 and 14 respectfully) is my favorite level simply for the Dialog!

"Don't you assholes see the helicopter!!? I got enough trouble as it is!!" Does NOT get old. XP

Yeah.. These Games aren't gonna get old anytime soon. ^^


may as well slap my PSN trophy card here as well..

8th-Dec-2012 04:25 pm - WTF!? *WARNING* Self-Bashing ahead
LotG - No one ever listens..

'Nuff Said..

Comments disabled because I don't need the drama..
3rd-Dec-2012 09:17 pm - It's official..
I'm obsessed with Uncharted..


I have nothing else to say right now..

*Stares and drools*
Castle - *Snerk*
That's right boys and girls! Khei has gone off the deep end!

(Copy/Pasted from FurAffinity) You can read the actual journal here..

This is probably suicide but you know what they say about desperate times.

My Mother had a dental appointment this morning. She's going to need the rest of her upper teeth extracted and get full on dentures. She also needs to do so as soon as she's able as she has an infection that is going to return over and over until she does so.

Grand total for extractions and dentures is going to be $2,234 All be it not all at once..

First Extraction will be for three teeth on the right, totaling $369
Second Extraction will be for five teeth on the left, totaling $615
Third visit will be for impressions and dentures, totaling $1,250

This is all out-of-pocket since we don't have health insurance.

Thus I have decided to take on my own Iron Artist Challenge.

Gonna aim at getting 100 slots filled and gonna aim for having them done by the end of December.

Oh and No holds barred. SFW, NSFW, Any theme.

Sketches similar to THIS will be $5 each

Inks similar to THIS will be $10 each

Catch is there's no approval stage.

One Character per slot, However if you want two or more characters in a single image you may purchase additional slots.

Reply below to reserve your slot(s) All paypal payments should be sent to khei@frontier.com

1- KaiMitsuki - PAID
2- KaiMitsuki - PAID

Not required but please help me out by spreading the word!
9th-Sep-2012 08:48 pm - Resurrection of Hyjakin' Nathan?
Dr H - Therapy
So. I have ideas for the comic. I've tested the waters on Twitter and Facebook and will be testing it on FA whenever the hardware issues are resolved. So far there's been two people from Twitter and Two more from Facebook who would like to see this happen.

Now I'm testing the waters here.

If I were to resurrect Hyjakin' Nathan would folk actually want to read new strips?
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