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Khei's Crappy Live Journal
A peek into the life of a tortured artist.. really she is!
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Spooky Khei
With the move and everything I never posted it before but..


30th-Nov-2013 09:06 pm - I'M FUCKIN' CANADIAN NAO! EH!
Spooky Khei

Soooo.. The trip wasn't without it's bumps. Mom's bird seemed to enjoy the trip, The dogs slept 85% of the trip, and thanks to my husband, after 3 hours at the border doing all the necessary paperwork to "Land" We entered Canada, left Canada, and re-entered Canada all in the same 10 minutes... All because of a bag of luggage that was thought to have been left behind that turned out to be on the truck after all.

(BTW the American border agents are fucking dickwads.. Just sayin')

Anyway. As of Nov 22, 2013 The kittora is Canadian.

Well a permanent resident anyway. in 3 years time I can apply for full citizenship.

I have a SIN now tho so I can seek employment straight away. Still gotta register my Jeep tho.

I got myself a cold/flu as well. Soon I should be over it tho and I can get to all the artwork I owe.

Once again I thank everyone for their patience.

Ciao fur now!
Spooky Khei
Just Please read the FB post and even if you can't donate please PLEASE help spread the word!


David deserves better than this.

~ Khei
2nd-Nov-2013 12:56 am - The End of an Era....
Spooky Khei
Okay.. Maybe that's exaggerating but..

After nine years, Pepe's Pet Haven has closed it's doors for the last time. Oct 31, while most were out having fun, we, and I use the term rather loosely, remained at the shop loading everything onto a small Uhaul and cleaning the shop from top to bottom.

Took 10 hours but I got everything packed up and we dropped off the keys around 11:30pm.

Today we managed to unload everything into the storage unit so now all that's left is to pack up the house.

Taking a "Lazy day" tomorrow to recoup before we tackle the huge project of packing said house. Dogs get their health certificates on the 18th and Mom's parrot gets hers on the 19th. On the 20th we bugger outta here.

I'll try to keep folks updated when we stop at a restaurant that has free wifi while on the road but such updates will be via FB or Twitter. Prolly Twitter since the Vita's app for it is faster than FB. (BrnctKhei on FB and Twitter for those who care)  Might ATTEMPT to stop in Calgary to meet some furs but no guarantees.

Anyone who wants/needs my new, Canadian, address can PM me for it here, on Twitter, FB, or FA.

Till next time..

Ciao peeps!

~ Khei
Wow.. I haven't updated in forever.. okay.. a few months.. Does anyone still read this thing?

Anyway.. Updates..

* The Premium Format Nathan Drake Statue from Sideshow has had it's shipping date pushed back.. again.. to November so Evidently I'll be in Canada before it is.

* My collecting hasn't faltered yet.. prolly never will. I love Uncharted and Drake too damned much..

* The "Big Move" date has been set. Vox is flying down on Nov 17th, we get the Uhaul on the 18th, and, assuming all goes well and as planned, we pull out of this God forsaken hell hole on the 19th or 20th.

* FBI report plus the documents I needed from Vox have arrived and everything's been gathered up and readied for mailing. Once i get my Cell phone records tomorrow, my final paperwork will be sent off to the CIC who will then finalize my residency visa to I JUST might have my visa by the time we move.

* By my B-day I will be happy and content in my new home in the great white north!

That's about it..

And now I leave you with a You Tube Video that I find hilarious..

25th-May-2013 11:58 pm - Oh joy.. another self-bashing rant..
I hate convention weekends.. especially when there's multiple conventions going on..

Con weekends means any possibility I have of being social or having any hope of preventing boredom flies out the window..

Forums I frequent (read lurk) are dead. FA and DA are both dead.. Facebook and Twitter are even dead..

All the people I know are off having fun at cons or out with family or friends. I, on the other hand, am trapped here, alone, bored, and miserable..

It all just serves to remind me just how much I suck, how pathetic, worthless, and utterly useless I am.. I have no friends, no real family, nothing.. I don't even have enough personality to be worth talking to..

I'm not interesting or likable. Not pretty or even average.. I'm nothing more than a worthless pile of shit that takes up space and uses up oxygen that would better serve some other higher life form.. like bacteria..

Don't get me wrong.. I'm not angry that others are having fun, living their lives. I'm happy that they have a life, friends, things to do, places to go.

I'm not looking for pity or a pat on the back either.. I wallow in my own pool of self pity enough.. I don't need the pity of others.

I just felt the need to write it down.. for whatever reason..

Sometimes I just wish I could go to sleep and not wake up..

The world would be a lot better place without my worthlessness fucking things up for everyone else...
24th-Apr-2013 12:39 am - HEY! CHECK THIS OUT!
Helping spread the word for a friend.

You should really check out this guy's work! His talent knows no bounds!

Hell just check out his newest design inspired by the upcoming game "The Last of Us"


and you can find more of his work on Facebook... http://facebook.com/ThatVigilante

and on DA... http://thatvigilante.deviantart.com/

and get updates on Twitter... http://twitter.com/ThatVigilante
8th-Apr-2013 01:10 am - Spazzy Khei is Spazzy..
New info.. Limited Edition.. Only 500 will be made/sold..

And I'm getting one.

*Grins like a total dumbass and dies*
6th-Apr-2013 11:40 pm - New LJ Account?
Thinking about retiring this account and starting a new one. Frankly "Keimei" is an ancient ass login that doesn't fit me anymore and it's really more trouble than it's worth to go through and clean out my buddy list full of people who don't even use LJ anymore.

nothin set in stone yet but I'm thinkin on it..
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